Monday, December 30, 2013

Yes! Ben's Country Woodshop Has Corn Hole Games!

Yes! Ben's Country Woodshop specializes in creating Corn Hole games!  
We also have the corn-bean-bags custom made locally, using authentic dried corn and your choice of fabric designs to color coordinate with your game design.  Contact us for details on how to order your custom designed Corn Hole Game.   You can also order replacement bags from us.  Our games/bags are created by real people...local craftsmen/women who are self-supporting and determined to give you a high quality product just the way you want it!  If your business, organization or family has a custom logo or design in mind, let us know and we will work with you to reproduce that on your personalized games.

 Great for families!
Corn Bags are designed in any color you long as the fabric meets our rigid standards for durability.
 Outstanding team sport/game for youth groups, rec centers, community centers, camps and conference centers!

Great fun for people of ALL ages!
Contact Ben's Country Woodshop today to order your custom set!  You can can also contact us on Facebook at

Saturday, December 28, 2013

When does a sign become a tray...or a tray become a sign?

It started with an idea we saw on Pinterest...a DIY tray that holds a 13" X 9" casserole dish and becomes a carrier as well as a buffet server/trivet for hot dishes.  With Ben's Country Woodshop penchant for creating interesting signs, the tray idea soon evolved into something more...a tray that could also serve as a decorative sign for the kitchen, great room, patio...wherever you need it or want it!

That great idea soon developed into an even better idea...why not build these tray/signs as gifts for our family members who would be gathering for Christmas? Soon Ben's Country Woodshop and Santa's elf got busy:

 After Ben cut the pieces, Ben's helper got to work sanding and staining the framework for each tray.
 This was a bit time consuming and tedious work, but it became a labor of love since we were planning to give these to our loved ones for Christmas.
 Hey! You need to warn me when you're taking my picture... comes Mr. Ben's Country Woodshop himself to check on the progress!

Soon the pieces were all stained, and then came the part of stenciling the letters for each sign, and creating unique colors/styles for the people for whom the gifts were intended...

Finally the day came when we could reveal the gifts to the least to some of them.  

They were all very pleased with their gifts...and even the 90 year old Grandma of the group got a special sign..."Count Your Blessings"...another creation from Ben's Country Woodshop!

All in all it was  fun and successful project, which has potential for a lot of other applications in the future!

Thank you, Ben's Country Woodshop!!