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Ben's Country Woodshop is so much more than just signs!


Ben's Country Woodshop can now be found on Facebook!
Mr. Cardinal visiting the "Little Church in the Wildwood"

"Little Church in the Wildwood" Bird Sanctuary!
Check it out!    Here's something brand new:

Ben's Country Woodshop has been busy this past fall and now winter!  Hope you enjoy this gallery of new items!

I love this  little accent table, don't you?

He built the table with some repurposed legs, and also designed
the sign, which is unfinished.

Some new bedside tables, along with the peg shelf above

I absolutely love it!  Please don't notice that I spelled
"friends" incorrectly...I've fixed it since.
Thank you, friends.
This new hutch/cabinet was built for me by Ben's Country Woodshop.  It is new, but it
has been 'distressed' to look old.  The doorknobs are antique china porcelain knobs found in Ben's Grandpa's workshop.
The finial on top is also an antique, also found in Grandpa's shop. Everything else is new. and beautiful.

This sofa table is repurposed and new...the legs are from an old table,
and everything else is new.

 Some other custom items:

Sofa Table

Coffee Table


This was the Christmas gift for our families this past year...made one for each
family, each one was uniquely finished. This one is finished with some dark
stain on the letters and Formby's Tung Oil for the final finish.   Based on I Corinthians 13:13
"Now abide faith, hope and love, these three, but the greatest of these is love."

Here's a sign for the bear watchers:

This is in our front yard...Why? Because it is true!!! Come and see!

Fall is on the horizon...and Ben's Country Woodshop will be getting busy again with new ideas and articles for sale at our local flea market and whenever anyone shows interest in something in particular.
Here's a few of the birdfeeders recently made:

We are trying to discourage the Doves from hogging the birdfeeders
so we are trying some different designs, thinking they may not be
able to land on them.

Doves are supposed to be ground feeders...but somehow they've
forgotten that!

This smaller, sleeker  feeder is designed with the Univ. of Florida Gator Fan in mind.
The Cardinals must be fans.  They jumped on this one right away! The Chickadees
loved it too, but they are too quick for my camera!  Someone said that they
can actually see bright colors and are attracted to them!  That's news to me!

If you'd like a bird feeder or birdhouse designed especially for your favorite team,
let us know!  We are taking orders!
Here's a few more colorful birdfeeders:

I love adding new projects/products to Ben's Country Woodshop! This latest addition was made especially for Mother's Day...a Garden Tool Tote, which was built right here in Ben's workshop!  Thank you, Ben's Country Woodshop!

This Garden Tool Tote can also be used for
woodworking tools, household tools, or anything
else that strikes your fancy!  This was built using
reclaimed wood from Ben's grandfather's workshop, which makes it

Here's the latest item built by Ben's Country Woodshop, with a little help from his brother:

Gotta have some fun after all the hard work is done...

Steiner Brothers Clowing around  after building the first
picnic table...hopefully this is the first of many!

Is this one for ME?????  I love it!!!!! Thanks, Ben's Country Woodshop!!
By the way...they are for sale...let me know if you want to order one!

That's more like it...A little "saner" view of the builders...

Latest update:  We have recently moved to a new home...our "Camp in the Woods" house in the Ocala National Forest...and Ben's Country Woodshop had to get a new place as well.  Check this out:

Now that he has this wonderful new workshop, we are anticipating many new things to develop.  He is already working on some interesting stacking benches.  He's also been creating things for the house that needed to be built...and that list will continue to grow as time goes by.  So stay in touch...we hope to add a lot more to this page in the near future!

Christmas Gift for Ben's Mother...  Thanks, Ben's Country Woodshop!

Made a great addition to our new television console!  Thank you!

 New cabinet in the laundry room! I love this
because it can hold lots of things in a very handy way.
The drawers help me to not have to squat and reach into deep dark
cabinets to find things like plastic bowls and lids! The upper part is for other
heavier items that I needed to have at arm's length instead of stooping and squatting to pick up.
This was lovingly created for me by my son to help "save my poor old back".
Thank you, Ben's Country Woodshop!!  (notes from Ben's Mom)

Adding something new again!

Newest item: a DVD/CD bookcase, sized
especially to hold CD's and DVD's.

this was a special order item! Great idea!

Here are a few more new these country benches...

This is a great little Shaker Step Stool!  I love the fact that you can hold on to it when you step up on the step! Us "older" folks need all the help we can get!

It's exciting to see the new ideas coming out of Ben's Country Woodshop everyday!  Now if he could sell a few of these we'd be really on the road to something big!

A stackable shelving unit/cubby for a kid's room or crafts...
An adorable mini-bench...for the workshop, bedroom, kid's room, or wherever!

Ben's Country Woodshop hasn't been totally idle lately...just busy with other things and not much time to spend on woodcrafting.  But these great new items could be a great hit...simple ideas to decorate the original items and bring new life to what could be hum-drum.  Got any ideas you'd like to share with us?  Have workshop...will build!!  We are hoping to add some new items very soon...that are actually reclaimed, repurposed, renewed antiques and "old classy junque"...Keep watching!  Got any ideas for what to do with a basket of antique china doorknobs...and old table top and mismatched wooded legs...and other various sundry items?  Share your ideas with us and we will try to make it work!
Remember to click on individual pictures to enlarge for details! Then back arrow to get back to blog. Enjoy!

This is a great rendition of the previously shown blanet/hope chest, painted
in a deep cranberry/burgundy...great accent piece as well as very functional for storing
extra blankets, pillows, towels, or even toys!

This beautiful taller bookshelf is
deeper and has a beadboard back. It would look
absolutely fantastic in any den, study, or office...
and is also nice enough for the living room to show off
your collections of special books!

This is a really neat Shaker 3-Step Stool, which
makes a great plant stand too!

The latest addition: a Potato or Onion Bin!!!
This newest member of the Ben's Country Woodshop family is really cute!  It can be stained or painted to match any decor.
This could also be used as a dog food bin

Full ventilation to keep the potatoes fresh...

A Rolling Cart for the kitchen...everyone needs one of these!!

Makes a great kitchen island to help with baking and

Doesn't take up much space, and when you are done,
just roll it back to wherever you want to keep it!  Very handy!!
(Don't forget: You can click on the picture 2x to enlarge picture for
a better look at the fine details!)

Great place to store cookbooks and baking essentials!

Even the back of this cabinet is beautiful...stained beadboard, so it can be placed anywhere and still look great from all sides!!

And another great little rolling cart...perfect for
microwaves, or anyplace you need mobile storage!

The latest addition: a beautiful blanket or hope chest!

Can't wait to show you the latest new additions to "The Workshop" known as "Ben's Country Woodshop"...The saws just keep buzzing and the ideas keep coming! Thank you, Lord, for this "Open Window" in response to a former "Closed Door"!

Here are the latest addtions:  A Mission Style Plant Stand, a Large Blanket/Hope Chest, and a custom  made hamper!

Doesn't this make you want to start working in the garden? I love this garden tote,
tool caddy, magazine tote...whatever you want it to be!
(Double click on pictures to enlarge view, then back arrow to return to the page)

All American Country Pantry versatile
and a fun way to display your favorite
crocks, pitchers, teapots, you name it!

The Country Bookshelf...

something for the bird lover in pine or cedar

A sturdy little footstool, to help you (and the grandkids) reach those
places that are just out of reach!

A sweet little foot stool to rest your tootsies at the end of the day,
or a great little seat for the kids to sit upon and play.
This narrow shelf is so'll want one
for every room in the house.  Perfect for small books,
knicknacks, dvd's, cd's...collectibles....I don't think this
particular shelf could be's design is so unusual.
But we could try!

And the ideas keep coming! 

History of Ben's Country Woodshop:

 There once was a young man who couldn't find any work to one would hire him, so he thought, "I'll just start making things with my own hands...learn some new skills, and make gifts for the family and friends."  So, he started accumulating some scrap lumber, some borrrowed and some purchased tools, and built himself a workbench and a workshop.  Day by day the ideas started flowing...he started out with birdhouses,
 a workbench   (click on pictures for close-ups, and then use back arrow to go back to blog page)
 A Baby Doll Cradle...

An Old Barn bird house

A Log Cabin Birdhouse

Another Baby Cradle

A "Bird Sanctuary" Chapel

A Garden Cottage Birdhouse

 and some Laundry Room Cabinets for his mother...

An Oak Bookshelf
Another bookcase, a DVD bookcase...

                                And another bookcase...

And last, but not least...
 a Bird Feeder for the backyard birds...

And more Birdhouses for loved ones and friends...
"Home Tweet Home"

The End...No...the Beginning!!!

  The DVD Shelf Unit...holds DVD cases, CD's , knicknacks and paddywacks!!!  Slim lines fit in narrow places...
Keep watching for further "developments"!!

For more information about these projects and others ideas, please contact us below!
All items are custom made just for you...You tell us what you want, and we'll do our best to build it!
Prices based on cost, shipping and
how much love has to go into it!!

Book Shelf or collection display case...
Can be stained to match any decor...
The possibilities are limitless!!!

A Bathroom Space-Saver Goes Above the Toilet for extra storage...can be stained or painted to  match any decor

A Game/Coffee Table

A Laundry Room Bench

A Kitchen or Dining Area Window Seat

Anyone for a game of Chess?

A Foyer Bench

Unfinished Bench/Window Seat, Coffee Table- Great little bench for the workroom, laundry room, mudroom, kitchen, bedroom, den, you name it!!! Lot's of ways this can be utilized in any home!

Have a  Happy Gardening Kind of Day!   Please check out this may be pleasantly surprised at what you will discover!!!!

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