Friday, November 15, 2013

Welcome to Ben's Country Woodshop!

It all started with a sign:   Christmas gifts for our family members...we wanted to give everyone some "Faith, Hope and Love" for Christmas and the New Year...

And it just kind of took off from there...God took the act of Faith, Hope and Love...and helped Ben's Country Woodshop pursue a create signs, gifts, and any other kind of ideas from wood that people would want to take home with them!
Now Ben's Country Woodshop is really getting busy!  Lately the calls are coming in day and night...asking, "Can you build this?  Can you make a sign for our house? Our camp?
Our boat?

Our island?
 How about for my porch?

Custom Order for "Pat's Porch"

 The cabin?

Even a special Christmas sign for the cabin!

What about hunting and fishing?...   

The answer has been...yes, yes, yes, and yes....but now Ben is getting swamped! Not complaining...just busy! The woodshop is overflowing to the back porch, the foyer, the living room, the sun room...

But hey! That's just what we wanted and prayed for!  When God answers your prayers and gives you more business than you can just get to work! And give thanks!
(Oh yeah! We have a sign for that too!)  And you "Count Your Blessings"

How about an Owl Box?  For a Barred Owl?  Yep! We can do that too!
"Who who who cooks for you????"
How about the deer? 

 Oh! But I have bears!  Got anything for them?          

You name it! We'll do our best to create it!!!

Another custom sign for "stable people"

What about sports?

 How about my team?

We even have custom designed CORN HOLE GAMES... painted in your choice of team colors. Custom logos extra.  Corn bags are also created locally by a family friend/business they are color coordinated to go with your game!

So...this is really just the beginning of this new adventure.  Of course, Ben's Country Woodshop has a whole line of furniture that he custom builds also...but we'll save that for the next time. Right now, if you've been waiting for a sign that you should give us a call...This is it!!!  What's YOUR sign? Just ask, and we'll create it special just for you!  You can contact us through your comments here, or on our Facebook page: Ben's Country Woodshop on Facebook

Meanwhile, come visit us at the Flea Market in Salt Springs, Florida, held each Saturday morning from 8 -1 in the parking lot of the Bass Champions Restaurant on Marion County Road 314 in Salt Springs. ( Bass Champions Restaurant on Facebook)


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    1. Thank you Susie! It's been a busy afternoon...and still gotta ways to go!

    2. I have to figure out how to change a profile for this blog, but I guess I can't do that since it is still under our blogger I see I still have some figuring out to do. You're my first commenter, so you are the guinea pig!

  2. It all looks wonderful! ---but I can't read some of the words on the top introductory picture--they disappear into the background color! (Something else for you to do!) ha. He's going to be so busy, he'll have to hire some help for a production line!

    1. I fixed the heading. Can you read it now? I am planning to create a better picture when I get some time in the daylight to set it up. Yes, he's already hired me...I work really cheap! LOL